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The main problems in the development of additives in our country

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Compared with the general level of the world, our textile auxiliaries are far behind in manufacturing technology, variety, product quality and enterprise production level. Outstanding performance in the following 5 aspects.
Less varieties of additives, especially the lack of exclusive high-grade additives products, such as organic fluorine series waterproof oil-proof agent, almost all rely on imports. At present, only 8% of the world's textile auxiliaries have been developed and produced in our country, and the proportion of special high-grade auxiliaries is even lower. After China joined WTO, the import cost of high-grade additives will be further reduced, more foreign-funded enterprises will enter our market, which makes the development of our high-grade additives face greater difficulties.
The repeated construction and disorderly competition of textile auxiliaries enterprises are serious. Textile auxiliaries manufacturing enterprises too many, small and scattered, the formation of non-scale benefits, the lack of competitiveness of products. General-purpose auxiliaries are overbuilt, and manufacturers are often locked in price wars to drive down prices. For example, the capacity of Surfactant used in textile auxiliaries has greatly exceeded the demand in the domestic market, the prices of the additives made from them have fallen again and again, making them unprofitable.
The quality of domestic textile auxiliaries is unstable. Part of the reason is that the standardization of textile auxiliaries is backward, most of the quality indicators of textile auxiliaries are only conventional and general indicators, lack of performance indicators, and no detection technology for performance indicators. The consistency of textile auxiliaries is poor due to the lack of detection techniques and means. In addition, the impurity content of the additive is large, and the purity is not high.
The development of environment-friendly textile auxiliaries is slow, which does not adapt to the current direction of textile auxiliaries, which is the most prominent problem affecting the development of textile auxiliaries. After our country joins the WTO, the trade barrier such as the quota and the permit system of the textile will be eliminated gradually, the green barrier becomes the new non-tariff barrier, affects the Chinese textile enterprise to enter the international market seriously.
The production technology of additives and the treatment level of“Three wastes” need to be improved urgently. At present, most of the auxiliaries in our country are produced by manual or semi-mechanized operation, and some main unit reactions are still produced by traditional process. In addition, due to the wide variety of textile auxiliaries and the small output of most of them, a considerable amount of complex“Three wastes” will be produced during the manufacturing process, and the treatment level is low, therefore, the toxicity of textile auxiliaries and the pollution in the manufacturing process have become the bottleneck of the development of textile auxiliaries industry.