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Applied Technique
Talent recruitment

1. College degree or above, major in dyeing and finishing.
2. At least 2 years of working experience in selling printing and dyeing auxiliaries.
3. Familiar with the printing and dyeing process, familiar with the characteristics of textile auxiliaries, and have a certain product sales network.
4. Outgoing and cheerful, with good communication and coordination skills.
5. Bear hardships and stand hard work, have good work tolerance, and have the courage to face challenges.
6. Aspiring to develop in the sales industry for a long time.

Technical R&D Engineer
1. Responsibilities:
1. Analyze the industry market conditions and product sales trends, and propose new product project proposals.
2. Complete the research and development of related products assigned by the company, promote the progress of product development, and ensure that new products are launched on the market on time;
3. Improve and modify the company's existing products, optimize product costs and process formulas; improve product quality and continuously improve product performance;
4. Timely guide, coordinate and solve technical problems in the process of production and sales;
5. Provide technical support for the procurement of product raw materials.
6. Write R&D project process records, data, analysis reports and other technical documents. Assist in the completion of the declaration of scientific and technological projects, intellectual property rights and other work;
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in fine chemical engineering, polymer materials, chemical engineering and technology;
2. More than 4 years of working experience in the research and development of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries and related products, and have in-depth research on auxiliaries in the field of textile printing and dyeing; can independently complete the research and development of new products.
3. Have a rigorous work attitude, strong work initiative, and a strong sense of responsibility.
4. Excellent graduates are accepted for professional training.

Online operation
Job Responsibilities:
1. Responsible for the management and operation of the company's online platforms (including but not limited to online platforms, WeChat groups, Douyin, Toutiao, etc.);
2. Implement the operation plan, complete the operation indicators, increase user stickiness, and create a dynamic and high-quality user group;
3. Execute and improve the community incentive mechanism to tap and maintain core fans, and improve the retention rate, business opportunity rate, and referral rate of core users;
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above;
2. Familiar with the needs and psychology of customers, good at customer analysis and precise community marketing;
3. Have in-depth research and unique insights into the current main domestic community operation models and marketing methods, and understand various community management tools;
4. Have the ability of data analysis, have a certain program writing, content editing and other copywriting skills;
5. Possess a good sense of responsibility, communication and coordination skills, executive power and teamwork spirit.
Required skills: social platform, original writing, text editor, operation specialist, copywriting, online promotion, user operation, community building and maintenance