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General Situation of international textile auxiliaries market

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At present, there are nearly 100 textile auxiliaries in the world, 15,000 varieties, annual output of about 2.8 million tons, of which dyeing auxiliaries and finishing agent output growth faster. The ratio of textile auxiliaries output to fiber output in developed countries such as USA, Germany, UK and Japan is 15∶100, and the world average is 7∶100. Most of the major textile auxiliaries are located in western Europe and Japan, among which BASF, Bayer, Ciba fine chemicals are the main suppliers in western Europe. Textile auxiliaries as a whole is for more than sales, annual consumption of about 2.3 million tons, 90.5% than the 20th century. It grew by 25% at the start of the decade, averaging 2.4% a year. Due to the transfer of the world textile industry from the traditional production center of the United States and Western Europe to Southeast Asia, the demand for textile auxiliaries in Southeast Asia has increased rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 4% in the 1990s, by 2000, demand had reached 830,000 tons, compared with an average annual growth rate of about 1.5 per cent in North and Western Europe over the same period, 403,000 tons in 2000 and 344,000 tons in 2000, and an average annual growth rate of only 0.4 per cent in Japan over the same period, the demand in 2000 was 97,500 tons, which shows that the demand for textile auxiliaries in Southeast Asia has surpassed the combined demand of North , Western Europe and Japan, ranking first in the world, however, the textile auxiliaries of Western Europe and Japan have a large market share in the Southeast Asian textile auxiliaries market due to many factors such as variety, good quality and complete service.